OSC was founded in 2020 by Dane Pendleton.

Our ownership strives to do business with passion and pursuit of excellence throughout the industry.

Oxford Supply is owned and operated by multiple United States Veterans. We have great pride in our history and prioritize bringing the values that the military teaches. Dedication, attention to detail, and integrity are at the base of everything we do. From packaging to delivery, you’ll find a hard-working team of Veterans built on ethical business principles.

Business History

OSC was founded by a team of executives with decades of experience in the sourcing and procurement industry. Moreover, our staff is equipped with a lifetime of logistics management expertise. By partnering with us, you’ll get a team of experts with deep roots in supply chain solutions.

Our Operations/Products

We're dedicated to providing you the best service experience through expert advice in the field, transparent pricing, and high-quality solutions.
With warehouses based internationally and domestically, Oxford Supply Company is capable of meticulous delivery times. Our in-house operations are led by determined sourcing and quality products. To preserve our environment for years to come, OSC also operates with only the greenest materials available.

Corporate responsibility

Oxford Supply Company performs business in ways that enhance society and the environment. We are conscious of the kind of impact we have on all aspects of society from economic to environmental. When you choose us for your supply chain solutions, you can trust that we use responsible techniques in all circumstances.